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a new job and/or guns??

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a new job and/or guns?? Empty a new job and/or guns??

Post  Darkfrisco on Sat Jan 01, 2011 3:14 pm

After thinking for awhile. We need to get a bit more new gun types. Ive seen in the past that most guns people use is from mad cow weapons. Here is what i was thinking of. Gun dealer selling different type pistols. Maybe the dual pistols Razz. Pump shotgun works and possible SMG's. Then the Black Market Dealer. You guys can pick a cool NPC to do this but idc how. They sell the shipments of ak47's, powerful smgs. Idc what u pick we just need more. These guns are gonna be a bit more pricey cause they sell in shipments and alot more powerful. Snipers ,lockpicks, keypad cracker assault rifles, and if u want explosives. incinerary gernades. Twisted Evil Check it out and u decide what u want to do. Also thieves should really have a deagle. It is powerful 1-2 hit kill. Thieves are poor as shit and that is why they steal. So they should buy their own guns.

-dont mind my spelling-

Leave comments for what npc if we do black market dealer..... ummm weapons to use. Idc go nuts.

Also everyone should have hands. Use to protect themselves or breaking a window. Their nice to have and a bit more realistic

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